Since the acquisition of Advatec Bodies in 2004, the Belle Group has been able to offer the poultry world state of the art egg and chick carrying vehicles.

Expert hatchery vehicle build

From the long established conventional style dual-purpose ‘Fresh Air’ vehicles to specialised egg carrying Lorries, Belle has it all under one roof.

With a combination of heating and sophisticated ventilation systems, our insulated ‘Fresh Air’ bodies offer the hatchery two vehicles in one. This means they not only have the ability to carry eggs, but also the safe transport of day-old chicks under very complex environmental conditions.

This system means there is no need for a refrigeration unit which adds additional weight and expense. You can rely on our vehicles to ensure the full load is transferred without harm from A – B.

Unique air-flow hatchery vehicle

For customers that require something different, we also offer a refrigerated hatchery vehicle with a unique style of air flow. This type of build does allow for the ambient air temperature to be reduced, but comes at the expense of a reduced payload compared to a ‘Fresh Air’ vehicle.

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